Mobile First

What happens when people use a smartphone to connect to your website or application? Are they delighted or frustrated? With more than a million smartphones shipping every day, it’s vital that you design your mobile site or app to appeal to the mobile crowd.

Ever since the publication of Luke Wroblewski’s book on designing for mobile first we’ve been enthralled by his vision and the easy and relaxed way in which he explains his ideas. This man understands it all!

So, what is it about? In a sense, it’s a very simple and easy to grasp idea.  With the rise of the mobile revolution, you, as a company who wants to go mobile, better take a look at mobile behaviors and using it to organize content

In his idea, the ‘old-fashioned’ way of designing your mobile App is a ‘navigation first, content second’ experience.

Why not turn it around? Try to think mobile and put content first and navigation second. That works a little bit better on mobile.

Why? Why should we put content first? Speed matters, how long does it take me to actually see a piece of content, do I have to tap a few times and load a couple of pages or is it there front and center waiting for me.  The screen space is limited. What are you going to fill it with? Five bars of navigation or content that people actually want to interact with.




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