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De Bitcoin; innovatie of illusie?

Al diverse maanden is de Bitcoin onderwerp van gesprek. De prijs is dit jaar explosief gestegen. Van begin dit jaar nog onder de 10 dollar, naar 511 dollar (20 december). Het beweegt…

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Mobiele dating hype Tinder: het geheim van behavioral design.

“Waarom ben ik jou nog niet tegengekomen op Inner circle?” Zo werd ik laatst aangesproken op een feestje. Mijn vriendin werd gevraagd of ze soms ook een Tinder date had terwijl ze…

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Is there a future for the smartwatch?

Since Knight Rider, with David Hasselhoff in the lead, the ‘smartwatch’ always appealed to the imagination. The smart watches are now finally a reality. Many manufacturers have attempted in the past to…

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gartner hypecycle

The newest Mobile technologies: which are hype and which mature?

With the rapidly changing technology, with some companies growing within a few years to a billion dollar’s worth, many people question the arrival of a new hype.  Gartner, the research institute on…

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Applified presents at client information meeting Multrix – The importance of a mobile site

Invited by our partner Multrix, a cloud service provider based in Amsterdam, Applified gave a presentation on mobility to a group of thirty companies. Multrix had gathered together a diverse audience existing…

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What is really happening with BYOD

Recent research showed that 8 out of 10 people use their personal smartphone for business related purposes. ‘Bring your own device;, BYOD, is rapidly becoming a new jargon. Social media and mail…

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TEDxMaastricht: Is there a mobile future for Healthcare?

The healthcare market is on the brink of major changes. Costs rise and budgets are cut off. Our society is ageing, so we need more care. But we face a world with…

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Mobile First

What happens when people use a smartphone to connect to your website or application? Are they delighted or frustrated? With more than a million smartphones shipping every day, it’s vital that you…

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Growing Enterprise Mobility

No industry vertical has been more disrupted by the evolution of the smartphone than the enterprise. Since Apple released the iPhone in 2007 and the rise of Android subsequently took form, IT…

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