Lhive An app for treatment of chronic patients


  • mHealth solution for patients to monitor health and disease.
  • Medicine intake alert, and schedule appointments.
  • Secured data transfer.
  • Synchronization with online software system.
  • Platform: iOS (iPhone and iPad).

Do you feel you are not in control of your own disease? Do you feel you are left behind between the consultations with your doctors and would you like to improve your lifestyle while coping with a disease?

In cooperation with Lairesse, Applified designed a mobile App that puts patients in control of their own disease. The App reminds patients of the goals they set with their physicians. Patients can view their most important meetings, keep track of their medication and ask questions to their physician. Patients feel more in control and physicians stay more up-to-date on the health status of their patients.


Posted on

juli 18, 2012