• Social Media Strategy
  • Marketing research
  • Design for social media platforms
  • Content and Community management 
  • Online advertising
  • Social Analytics 
  • LinkedIn partnership 

The quick pace with which social media has developed over the last years stunned many companies. As a result, a changed world of communication is emerging. Companies prepared to adapt and seize subsequent opportunities will remain leading. How do social media influence our business model? How can we use it to stay ahead of our competition? What communication is expected by clients and (potential) employees and successful? Top of mind questions at DPA detachering. 

Applified created a Social Media Strategy in cooperation with DPA. In 2013 we advise and train the company’s employees on optimal use of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, with the goal to create a prosperous future workforce. We stimulate and execute content creation, community management en social advertising. Finally, we report on results using Social Analytics, and adapt our activities in order to reach maximum ROI.  

Applified is happy to work with DPA in a long-term partnership. We are proud on the milestones delivered so far.



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juni 10, 2013