Welcome on board…

Welcome on board of the Applified boat! 

Last week we celebrated Applified’s second birthday. Two years ago we started Applified with the belief that the future of business was mobile. Saying this now may seem a little bit outdated, the future IS mobile and the future is NOW! Still, many businesses have not valorized upon the huge potential of mobile technology yet. For most organizations there are still great opportunities to seize regarding the use of not only mobile technology, but also social media such as LinkedIn and the web in general. Two years later, Applified is there to help create strategies for companies concerning the integration of these new media in the organization’s business model, and to implement valuable, customized solutions. 

There’s never enough to celebrate, so we got a good friend to lend us a boat, and we took the trip down memory lane through the beautiful Amsterdam canals with clients, friends and family. See our Facebook account for pictures! Thanks to everyone for making the last two years such a great experience and welcome anyone who’s joining us next year! 

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