Towards developing a digital strategy for Humberto Tan

Applified proudly announces its cooperation with Humberto Tan.

There aren’t many celebrities as publicly active and present as Humberto Tan. Not only offline, but also online he likes to share news, ideas, and start a discussion. Humberto Tan is well known for his journalism and affinity with sports, politics, economy, and lifestyle. Being appointed the best-dressed man in the Netherlands, he’s also an entrepreneur with a proprietary clothing brand: Humberto. Created by a man with many faces, how can we best position the brand Humberto online? What online and social media strategy should Humberto Tan follow in order to diffuse the ‘feeling’ of Humberto, and create loyal ambassadors and followers? With the aim to create Humberto’s online profile as authentically as in real life, Applified developed a digital strategy for Humberto Tan. This digital strategy is meant to support his offline presence.

Last months, we’ve been working on:

  • Digital Strategy for Humberto Tan
  • Digital Strategy for Humberto, the clothing brand
  • Advise on content and community management, monitoring, and positioning on social media as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram.
  • Creating thought leadership for Humberto Tan, and a ‘Mobile First’ online identity for the brand Humberto.

Applified and Humberto Tan continue their cooperation and will soon launch a new online product. Stay tuned…!

We look forward to support other Dutch celebrities strengthening their offline presence with a solid digital strategy.


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