The Power of Social Media in Business

Why is it that Social Media always are relevant when a popular movement is taking place? Well, the answer to this question is a clear one: It is fast and easy to express your voice! People, and the masses, can easily ‘like’ your post. Traditional media start off with an announcement and Social Media take over from there.

Two (out of millions..) examples: Facebook hit off in Chile in 2006 when a protest movement started; overnight, tens of thousands of people became friends (read The Facebook Effect by David Kirkpatrick), and more recently here in Holland, singer Trijntje Oosterhuis promised to donate € 1,00 per like on her Philippines typhoon disaster post…in just one day 218.000 people liked her initiative! Some things just go viral, others won’t.

So, now a more relevant question for you: How can your company profit from Social Media? Wouldn’t it be great to thrive, send your relevant content across the world, being read by your loyal followers, who create your community, which grows, because your followers are being followed as well and you advertise smartly, and new business initiatives will come to you automatically? Precisely, that’s the answer to the how. Spread your message to the masses, everyone is there, the trick is how to reach your audience, keep them captivated and reel them in.

Lots of examples here too. Service companies switch en masse to LinkedIn, traditional job sites are on the downside here. All your potential employees have their CV online, be sure to be present on Social Media if you are in this business, otherwise you won’t be found, and liked, by your human capital. But also businesses in industry and production have discovered social media marketing, whether they want to express thought leadership, present their company, attract new employees and potential customers. If you want to be taken seriously, start thinking about this, if you haven’t done it yet…it just works!

In a recent publication, McKinsey stated that in 10 different industries, revenues will easily grow 100% due to online and social media marketing. Online tools to manage your social media marketing are becoming hugely successful, like for example

So, again, how can YOU profit? Let us make an assessment for you, and we will tell you how!

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