The newest Mobile technologies: which are hype and which mature?

With the rapidly changing technology, with some companies growing within a few years to a billion dollar’s worth, many people question the arrival of a new hype. 

Gartner, the research institute on technology, recently published the ‘hype cycle’ for 2012. Simply said, hype cycles characterize a pattern of over-enthusiasm or “hype”, followed by disappointment when the technology does not meet high expectations. The pattern typically happens with the introduction of new technologies. Gartner created the hype cycle to show in a graphic representation the maturity, adoption and social application of new technologies.

which are hype and which mature?

The hype cycle published mid 2012 shows many mobile technologies. Let’s discuss some interesting results:

1. HTML5 on top the hype cycle. As the technology is still young, we expect this technology still needs time to mature. We believe a native build is therefore advisable for business apps.

 2. BYOD also has some time to maturity, but moves fast. Companies should start preparing for employees bringing in their own device.

 3. NFC payments are developments are promising, but devices are not capable yet. Organizations should be careful to focus to much on this development

 4. Home Health monitoring is gathering momentum quietly and will be standard treatment within a couple of years.

 What technologies do you think will be adopted quickest by businesses? And which technologies are missing?



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