Is there a future for the smartwatch?

Since Knight Rider, with David Hasselhoff in the lead, the ‘smartwatch’ always appealed to the imagination. The smart watches are now finally a reality.

Many manufacturers have attempted in the past to make a watch that shows more than just the time but it is only recently that the smartwatch gains real potential. This is evident from the many manufacturers that have indicated to create one.

HTC CEO Peter Chou recently announced that the Taiwanese company is working on a tablet and smartwatch in addition to their current smartphone line. That says Chou opposite The Financial Times, 21st of October. The HTC director hints in the interview to a tablet and portable device that is probably a smartwatch.

“Wearable technology is a key segment for us,” says Chou. “It fits with what we do today and our mobile experience overall. It is an area where we are excited about.” HTC has previously worked on a smart watch, but Chou thinks it is still too early to say when they are going to develop a smartwatch: “The smartwatch market consists mainly of early versions and gimmicks. The watch should be subject to a need. Otherwise it is just a concept and you cannot use it daily. This creates an opportunity for us. “

“People laughed at us when we released the first smartphone. Today everyone has a smartphone. I think that with smartwatches will happen the same,”


Seiko was in 1983 one of the first manufacturers to release a clock made called smartwatch.

Casio also wanted to expand the number of functions on their watches. One of the most famous is the watch with a calculator. The company also made the TSR-100 Thermo Scanner which had an infrared scanner. This allowed the temperature of objects or persons to be measured remotely.

IBM and Citizen
Only in 2000 did the smart watch as we know it advanced. IBM and Citizen demonstrated a prototype running Linux and that had 8 MB of memory. The watch also had an accelerometer, a vibration mechanism and even a fingerprint sensor. The watch cost $ 399, but the companies killed the project in 2002.

There are also new smartwatches that recently have become available and funded through crowdfunding.

In addition to the large, well-known smartphone manufacturers there are also smaller, independent players in the market. One of the most famous is Pebble, that in May 2012 got over 10 million dollars on Kickstarter and therefore is one of the most popular crowdfunding projects ever.

Nowadays, the large smartphone manufacturers have discovered the smart watch market.

One of the first is the Sony Ericsson MBW-100 that is connected via Bluetooth to a Sony Ericsson phone. A small display under the watch shows who is calling, or there is generated a message that the connection to the phone is disconnected. Sony Ericsson (now Sony) in September 2013 released a new watch on the market that runs on Android. This smartwatch 2 can communicate with Android smartphones and displays notifications of calls, text messages and posts on social media.

The most discussed watch so far is probably Apple’s iWatch. The watch is still nowhere to be seen, but according to rumors, is made of curved glass and gets a screen of 1.5 to 2 inches. The iWatch should run on a modified version of iOS and can therefore communicate with the iPhone and iPad.

Who of all producers comes out on top, is still to be seen. But that 2014 will be the year of the smart watches, is certain.


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