How to make money with Google Adwords and Google Analytics


Google has developed some very smart and intelligent advertisement tools in their search engine, everyone knows that. But, we encounter a lot of haziness around the topic, so we want to explain a bit more about the workings. Firstly, we explain AdWords and Analytics too you. Secondly, we want to tell you about how to move your business with these tools and eventually make money! 

Google AdWords

First AdWords, it is as cheap as you want it to be (you set a daily maximum), with it you reach the audience you are looking for and you have quick and easy access. You target your advertisement, geographically and also recently demographically, can start/stop anytime you want and pay CPC (the cost per click). In just four steps, 1) budget, 2) the ad, 3) keywords and 4) billing info, you are up and running!

Google Analytics

Analytics is somewhat more complicated to operate but the concept is very easy to grasp. Google knows who clicks on your site and its pages, it knows who clicks on your advertisement and it knows, to a certain degree, who you are (where you live, some of your interests, maybe even your age and a lot more…if you use Google +…☺). Google supplies you a fine user interface and toolset where results are aggravated and there you go. ‘You’, being the case, is the expert Internet marketing guru, because not every CEO or marketing manager will acquaint themselves with these tools.

How to interpret?

The problem, as with many data, is how to interpret! So, being this Internet marketing guru, what would my customer, this CEO, want to know? Well, first of all, we think there are several important questions that need to be addressed. Here they are:

1) What is my return on investment with these tools?
2) How do I manage this ROI, what are the leverages?
3) What procedures should I incorporate in my company, to keep track?

In a former company, we used Google AdWords smartly, and thought up a simple system to keep track. We set our monthly maximum expenditure, had build up a loyal customer base that had found us on the Internet that generated more than enough revenue. Our controller was asked to keep track and report on these basic figures monthly. Our technical manager kept track of the effectiveness of keywords, et voila, we had some rudimentary control and measurement in place. A lesson learned, keep it simple, set your internal procedures, and add some technical know-how for optimization. You’re not the first and certainly won’t be the last….it just works!

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