Growing Enterprise Mobility

No industry vertical has been more disrupted by the evolution of the smartphone than the enterprise. Since Apple released the iPhone in 2007 and the rise of Android subsequently took form, IT departments have struggled to reconcile device and application management, security and software deployment. What to do when employees want to bring their own device to work? Whereas the ubiquity of mobile has certainly added to professional efficiency, a great deal of companies has not developed cross-platform support of enterprise apps to its full potential yet. 

Brands are flocking to apps. From March 2010 to September 2011 there was a 263% growth in branded apps. Business apps were the fastest growing section in the Apple App Store from 2009 to 2010, up with 186%. This growth remains strong, and drives only more development studios and large corporations to offer solutions for enterprise deployment.

Recent studies (Ovum, Yankee Group, Distimo, Forrester and comScore) put the changing enterprise mobile landscape into perspective. For instance, 63% of enterprises employ mobile solutions with the purpose of cost savings, and nearly 50% responds to employee demand. What is more, productivity gains are an important driver. Since the end of the third quarter in 2011, the iPhone is the most preferred smartphone by the enterprise (45%), followed by BlackBerry (34.5%).

Areas where mobility provides most immediate benefits are considered to be operations, sales and flexible business strategy reporting. Industry verticals actively deploying mobility concern retail, manufacturing, banking, healthcare, entertainment, financial services, education, and automobile.

Take a look at the figures below for a comprehensive view on the latest trends in the US:

State of Mobile Enterprise Apps

1) Business Apps were the fastest growing in the App Store in 2010, up by 186% from 2009.

2) Enterprise mobility will generate nearly $40 billion in annual sales for developers in 2016.

3) Manufacturing is the largest sector in which mobile enterprise applications are used worldwide. By 2016, manufacturing will generate approx. 25% of the total mobile services revenues.

4) 12.7 million US mobile users use banking Apps in Q2 2011, an increase of 45% from Q4 2010.

5) 6 million US mobile users used a credit card App in Q2 2011, an increase of 43% from Q4 2010.

6) 38% of the physicians in the US use medical Apps on a daily basis, with that number increasing to 50% in the next twelve months.

This growing trend of enterprise mobility in the US sets an example for industries in the Netherlands. It underlines the potential benefits businesses can gain from employing mobility solutions in-house. An example Enterprise App offered by Applified can be found in the blogpost of December 7, 2011 (Project Administration App). Be the first to join the trend and keep ahead of competition: Get your business Applified!


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