Best 2012 Apps for you to use during Christmas!

It’s almost Christmas and you will most likely enjoy a bunch of free days. We selected this list of Apps for you to make your Christmas more enjoyable, and your holidays more fun:

1. Paper. Officially the best app of 2012. After trying many drawing and sketching apps, we can honestly say, this is the one. Get yourself immersed in a drawing and sketching flow like you have never experienced before.

2. Polar. This social rating app is a must try, created by mobile guru Luke Wroblewski. The idea is extremely simple, yet very engaging and enjoyable, and before yo unnoticed you will find yourself making and participating on poles. This app is so extremely well designed that it gets our “Most Simple Yet Enjoyable” award.

3. Fancy. Are you a shopping fan? Well, take a look Fancy, you will find great products curated by people with the best taste. Great for last minute present ideas… and for those christmas presents we all make to ourselves.

4. Jorge Drexler (“N”). Once again, this Uruguayan singer songwriter comes up with a great concept: compose songs on the fly, with just one finger and very simple interactions. If you like music, this will surely make you smile.

5. Vyclone. Vyclone is one of the coolest things out there. A social video platform that lets you co-create, sync and edit multiple views of a shared moment. If you go to concerts, or other events, or want to make nicer-than-average christmas videos, give it a try, you will love it. 

6. Smule mad pad. Also the sound composing line, this app will let you capture small clips of audio and video, and compose your own remixes with it. This one will make you laugh.

7. Evernote Food. Albeit not being new, the newest update makes it much more functional and enjoyable than before, providing structure to collect and share your food related experiences and recipes. Considering that Christmas time usually comes loaded with food, you might want to check this app out.

8. Zaarly. Did you get a present you really want to get rid of? Do you have a special skill you think you could earn an extra pocket money with? Do you need somebody to help you fixing your iPhone screen? Zaarly is a local marketplace for this and more. Rapidly expanding over the world, it is can turn out very convenient. It’s elegant design and mobile-first system makes it a winner.

9. Weottago. This location based event finder makes use of time of day, weather, and who you’re with to give you a stack of just the right places and events for you. Isn’t it just brilliant?

10. Gasguru. How could it would be to save money by driving to a different petrol station?

11. SAS survival guide. Given we are in times of Maya apocalypses, zombi plagues, and Justin Bieber music, you might want to download and use this app intensively, just in case you need to be prepared. After using it for a while you will fell like a mix between the Last Survivor, Rambo, and McGyver.

12. The Room. The best app of September is a game of physical puzzles in a aura of mystery. It is quite an immersive experience to dive in and think-play for hours.

13. Angry Birds Starwars. If you liked Angry birds, you are gonna love this new release and its gravity effects!

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