Applified presents at client information meeting Multrix – The importance of a mobile site

SS Rotterdam

Invited by our partner Multrix, a cloud service provider based in Amsterdam, Applified gave a presentation on mobility to a group of thirty companies. Multrix had gathered together a diverse audience existing of IT, sales and marketing, and managing professionals, on a very posh location in the industrial heart of the Netherlands: the Steamship Rotterdam. We spoke about the growing importance of enterprise mobility, emphasizing that organizations think thoroughly about mobility before they start implementing solutions.

Quickly browsing through participants’ websites on mobile, we saw that 95% was unprepared for Mobile web visitors. With an average of 12% website visits through mobile (in the Netherlands), and the expectation that this figure will grow to 20% in 2012, it is important that companies don’t neglect their mobile clients and employees. I advise you to take a minute and check your company website’s analytics. What is the percentage of your mobile web visits? How many visitors per month does that involve? What information is it they search for (analytics will tell you what), and who is the searcher?

Why not serve those users with a mobile site adapted for the information that is asked (and not risk disappointed users who can even cause negative promotion of your organization – with a possibility as high as 50%!)? Of course, it won’t be interesting for all organizations; but it’s worth doing the investigation. Accordingly, you can try to estimate your potential (monetizable) benefit when investing in such mobile site. 

We finished the meeting with drinks on the classy wooden promenade deck of the former cruise ship – which original purpose, ironically, missed the boat. Well, somebody’s got to be lucky, so good for us! It was a great afternoon, enjoying the always-welcoming hospitality of Multrix. Thanks Maaike, Martin and Daan for this nice opportunity to have us present our company and services! Want to know more about the creation of your Mobile Site? Needless to say, but don’t hesitate to call!