Applified launches Mobile Website

No mobile app & consultancy company without a mobile website. How can you be taken seriously otherwise? You must have a presence, and let’s be honest, no normal website fits the screen nicely, so really, you need to do something about this.

Think about your audience; think about usability and user needs when preparing yourself. In the mobile world, people are walking, driving, traveling or cycling around, not sitting behind their desks having access to their personal laptops. They want to have fast access, an answer to a simple question: Where do I have to go, how can I get into contact, a fast reminder and overview of offered services, quick and easy info. A mobile website’s feature list is limited and that’s how it should be.

The question to tackle when designing a mobile website for a company is “why does somebody look at our site on a mobile device”?

I think there are different possibilities:

a) A person wants to know about app making (and find us through a quick search) or Applified itself but has short time available (like after somebody makes a comment about it; or he is reminded while commuting, waiting for the dentist, or in a boring family meeting). The user’s goal here is knowing if mobile (or Applified) is something interesting and useful for him. If so, the user will check it out the website online later.

b) Get in touch with Applified either by visiting us, dropping us a line, requesting contact, or calling. This can be a consequence of option a.

c) Introduce the company to a third person. “Check, this is the company that did our app”, and show a brief preview of Applified.

All the abovementioned points address two main goals: bits of communication, and micro tasking. Hence,

1) A mob web must be universal and directly accessible (apps are not, they are platform dependent and require downloading or purchase).

2) It must be actionable, extremely simple and easy to use. Contrary to a desktop context which is more content-consumption driven, a mobile context is primarily action driven. A mobile website does not need to be a direct translation of a desktop website.

3) It must be lightweight to download satisfactorily in all kinds of situations.

4) It should contain continuous iterations and simulations, because cross platform is always more delicate. BTW, we are continuously improving it.

See how Applified designs for smartphone and thinks about usability, see how our developing process proceeded… check the end result on your mobile device. Find us on your smartphone by scanning the QR code below! I’m sure you will appreciate our mobile site (if not, do send us your recommendations)!