Applified in Nielsen Norman’s Mobile Enterprise Report

In 2012 Applified delivered a large mobile project for Van der Valk + De Groot, Netherlands’ largest sewer cleaning and inspection company. A native Android tablet App based on the 12View system. In search of successful mobile enterprise apps examples, the Nielsen Norman Group chose Applified’s example for its recently published Mobile Enterprise Report. Nielsen Norman Group is a leading voice in the user experience field conducting research, evaluating interfaces, and guiding critical design decisions. 

Every day, more than 100 Van der Valk + De Groot trucks inspect and clean sewage systems. Employees report on the work done to their customer. To support this information flow, Van de Valk + de Groot developed an impressive IT system. 

12View, a web-based system, was developed for municipalities (customers) to view the sewer system in Google maps, and for employees to report back activities of inspection and planning. As a result, sewer inspection team had up-to-date information on the status of their sewer system. Yet they still needed to sit at their desk to be able to access the system. Wouldn’t it be useful if these inspection teams would have a mobile version of 12View? Could work be made easier and more productive with such mobile tool, enabling the teams to locally check and report sewer system incidents, maintenance, and status?

Applified said YES! Many activities actually take place outside the office. A mobile version of 12View, with picture and note-taking features, will support not only the civil servant (the customer), but also the employees of Van der Valk + de Groot in their work. Information on day-to-day business as well as important actions and workload can be shared more easily and directly now, anywhere, anytime.

Interested to read more about this Enterprise App case? You can order the report on the Nielsen Norman Group website:



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