Applified wishes to you for 2012:

Three wishes for you to start the new year. What are your wishes for 2012 ?

1.      Find your ‘why’.

Many of you will know him by now, but still, we feel inspired by Simon Sinek. We thought about why Applified exists, and why we believe companies should explore their mobile opportunities. Applified was founded with the belief the future of business is mobile. For example, we believe Apps can improve speed and ease of business processes. And, mobile solutions can stimulate sustainable behavior. What is more, we believe in creating mHealth solutions that empower patients and increase transparency. So that’s why we enjoy our work and we are happy being Applified. How about you? We wish you know why you do the things you do, you are surrounded by the right people, and you are where you want to be. Such pro-activity will help you remember that you’re able to choose and determine your own bright future.

2.    Define your mobile future.

Done with the fluffy stuff and back to (real) business.  In 2012, sales of smartphones and tablets will have outperformed the sales of desktop and notebook PCs (Morgan Stanley Research). You can’t have missed it. Mobile is everywhere and mobile is there to stay. The market for mobile software and Apps is exploding. For many, however, it raises a lot of questions. Can my company benefit from mobile solutions? Which solutions are best? Who can build the right Apps for my organization and what does it cost? It’s fair not to be an expert on all fronts. Applified is there to help you with these, and many more questions, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

 3.    Think Innovation.

Innovation drives it all and is just cool. No Google without Internet and no Applified without Apple. We hope for innovation that will make life even more exciting and solve problems that previously seemed unsolvable. In 2012, we hope to start with our Applified Academy. With this Academy we aspire to stimulate innovation through entrepreneurship and provide an environment for education on mobile solutions.

These are our wishes for you in 2012. We would love to hear what you think about them. What are your wishes for 2012? 

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